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Covering Alameda & Contra Costa Counties
  1. Interior Decorating
    I consult with each client to help them select a style for a particular room and plan the space. As part of my presentation, I'll make suggestions on specific colors, fabrics, furniture, flooring, wall coverings and lighting. I also take charge in contacting vendors and contractors to secure the furnishings or projects. You'll receive a timeline for completing your design projects. I consistently check in with my clients to make sure the project is completed to ensure client satisfaction
  2. Redecorating
    A lot of my clients have things they are attached to and value, but do not know how to place them correctly. Redecorating is using your current furniture, while adding accessories or different looks. Sometimes changing wall colors, or accessories can change the appearance of the space. Working around what the client already has and loves, to create a new look. This is also extremely useful when on a budget.
  3. Staging Homes
    Staging homes has proven over time to sell your home quicker and for a higher value. Typically I will do a walk through and let you know what your options are, working within your budget and with your agent, to get the best possible outcome. Owner occupied properties will require a walk though and we will go over in detail what needs to be removed, added, fixed, or adjusted. I work specifically to create the most open and flowing space to sell show the property at it's optimum.
  4. Real Estate Staging
    As an agent one of the most important things when hiring a stager is that you are sending someone professional and likeable, so your client continues to be satisfied. When I work with agents, my number one priority is to make sure and present them at the highest standard possible. After each staging I do a walk through with the agent to see if any changes need to be made. Staging is available in full or part. You can stage an entire home, every bedroom, or you can choose specific areas to stage. I also work with owner occupied properties. Typically the minimum for staging is $1000, but exceptions can be made depending on circumstances.
  5. Event/Holiday Staging
    I have a lot of clients who want to create a holiday spirit in their homes, or they are having a holiday party they need help with. I also work with corporate clients that need help with creating spaces and events.